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No Lines And Staff"   
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Committed To Excellence In GospelKeyboard Training
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These Affordable State Of The Art R&B,Jazz,Gospel and Blues Keyboard/Piano/Organ Lessons are taylored exclusively for-"Serious, Focused"-Students who are determined to become outstanding keyboard players.  Offered at a discount/bargain/budget/ below market-special rate, Mr. Timothy Kimbrough(Instructor,Inventor&Author) will see to it that sincere students realize their dream of becoming, nothing less than awesome musicians. Call 202.709.5592 anytime 24 hours a day for the exciting  details.

Free from the confines and restrictions of lines and staff keyboard learning methods, this unique- Patented(US Pat. No. 6,977,334)
 Music Program is offered at an enormous/savings/discount rate..Serving the DC,MD,VA, Metro. area and World at large-via-in person private classes in beautiful Riverdale Pk. Md.,and Live Skype and/or Google Webcam Video Call Sessions all ages and levels of students are accepted: beginner-intermediate and advanced ,children,adults as well as teens. "No Lines And Staff"  musical notations are used in this-"Strictly By Ear
 Strictly By Ear © 2011- is, unique, terminology taken from the Preface(pg.3)of Timothy Kimbrough's easy to read book(Ideal For Beginners):How To Play Your First Piano Song in Only 6 Days...  http://tinyurl.com/ykvbd8j  (only 20 pages long).His alternative Method Of Writing Keyboard Music, protected by US Patent No.6,977,334 empowers students, setting them free from the restrictions of traditional lines and staff keyboard learning methods. For more information call-301.328.6705. US Patent No. 6,977,334-Method Of Writing Keyboard Music(awarded 12/20/2005). Application Content was Published by the U.S.P.T.O in 03/31/2005, Publication No. US-2005-006666795-A1,http:// www.uspto.gov. Kimbrough's program is exclusively for sincere, determined students that have a plan to become high level keyboard players.

 Yes! You will learn "real": r&b,jazz,gospel,rock&roll,funk,blues,soul,disco,hiphop,wild electronic organ, rumbling bass, rhythmic gospel organ, electronic organ funk,flavor,grooves,church shouting organ,play behind the preacher organ,apostolic super organ shouts,praise and worship,gospel,soul,rock,disco,oldies,reggae, chords,licks,riffs and much more.Call 301.328.6705-anytime.

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